Efficient summation in Python

result = ((((12 * n + 45) * n + 50) * n + 15) * n - 2) * n // 120

How I got there:

  1. Rewrite the inner sum as the well-known x*(x+1)//2. So the whole thing becomes sum(x**2 * x*(x+1)//2 for x in range(n+1)).
  2. Rewrite to sum(x**4 + x**3 for x in range(n+1)) // 2.
  3. Look up formulas for sum(x**4) and sum(x**3).
  4. Simplify the resulting mess to (12*n**5 + 45*n**4 + 50*n**3 + 15*n**2 - 2*n) //




Flutter and Native Android developer

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Flutter Developer

Flutter Developer

Flutter and Native Android developer

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