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'y' was not declared in this scope — function is accepted in Clang, but rejected in GCC

If one defines a new variable in C++, then the name of the variable can be used in the initialization expression, for example:

int x = sizeof(x);

And what about default value of a function argument? Is it allowed there to reference the argument by its name? For example:


What specific syntax or configuration changes must be made in order to resolve the error below in which terraform is failing to create an instance of azuread_application — Azure, Azure-active-directory, Terraform, Terraform-provider-azure

The error:

Running terraform apply:

2021/10/05 17:47:18 [DEBUG] module.ad-admin.azuread_application.appRegistration:
apply errored, but we're indicating that via the Error pointer rather than returning it:
Could not create application: json.Marshal():
json: error calling MarshalJSON for type msgraph.Application:
json: error calling MarshalJSON for type *msgraph.Owners: marshaling Owners: encountered DirectoryObject with nil ODataId
2021/10/05 17:47:18 [TRACE]…

After installing Android Studio & Flutter on Windows 10, when I run flutter doctor, I get the following:

[√] Flutter (Channel stable, 2.5.0, on Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1202], locale en-US)
[X] Android toolchain - develop for Android devices
X cmdline-tools component is missing
Run `path/to/sdkmanager --install "cmdline-tools;latest"`
See https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line for more details.
[√] Chrome - develop for…

A splash screen was provided to Flutter, but this is deprecated. See flutter.dev/go/android-splash-migration for migration steps.

I had implemented a native splash screen in my current project and everything was working correctly since I upgraded to v2.5.0 and I am starting to get this deprecation warning…

How to migrate to setEnabledSystemUIMode

I was using the following code to show only status bar.


but it started giving me a warning:

setEnabledSystemUIOverlays is deprecated and shouldn’t be used. Migrate to…

Two simpler sorts can be faster than one more complex sort

Here are benchmarks with a few more versions:

At length = 10,000 elements, multikey still beats multisort:

0.023 seconds  multisort                 (no previous result)
0.032 seconds multisort_tupled…

windows ubuntu windows-subsystem-for-linux xserver xming


E233: cannot open display
Press ENTER or type command to continue
E852: The child process failed to start the GUI
Press ENTER or type command to continue


The networking subsystem in WSL2 is different than the used in WSL1. …

When building on iOS 15 Device connected to Xcode 13. I get the error

error Failed to launch the app on simulator, An error was encountered processing the command (domain=com.apple.CoreSimulator.SimError, code=405): Unable to lookup in current state: Shutdown.


success Successfully built the app
--- xcodebuild: WARNING: Using the first of multiple matching destinations:
{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:dvtdevice-DVTiOSDeviceSimulatorPlaceholder-iphonesimulator:placeholder, name:Any iOS Simulator Device }
{ platform:iOS Simulator, id:CECA2B5E-D9A0-4A52-8947-BF0838EBEDD6…

After executing the command this message is shown: utilsmodule.c:1:20: fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.

The reason is because you havn’t properly installed the header files and static libraries for python dev. Use your package manager to install them system-wide.

For apt (Ubuntu, Debian...):

sudo apt-get install python-dev   # for python2.x installs
sudo apt-get install python3-dev # for python3.x installs

For yum (CentOS, RHEL...):


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